Solutions in GitLab?

I have done a codeabbey programming challenge and one of root me hacking. Where should solutions to challenges be loaded into gitLab?

Using git CLI, then following with a Merge Request from your branch to master protected branch. You will find detailed documentation on the webpage, following and reading all the links that we have there.

There is a similar topic with its own solution on Where do I upload the solutions?

Some links of examples are not working. Where can i find the documentation? I already done two challenges but I can’t load into gitLab.

If there is an example that not work, create a topic for each problem, explaining what have you done, to research the problem.

Send the solution to gitlab is a challenge for itself. Please don’t continue solving challenges until your first one is in master and you understand the big picture. One of the key metrics for immersion is DFC (Days to First Commit on Master)

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