Some files do not comply the YAML format

What happens

The formatYalm ob fails with an error

What do you understand or find about that problem?

[INFO] Some files do not comply with the YAML format. We will format them but this job will fail.

And the log lists several yalm files from the repository that I understand are files that have the same problem.

Did you try any solutions? What did you do?

  I tried to rerun the job several times, check possible writes or spaces that generate errors, delete the branch and commit again, delete the repository and clone it again, in the forum I found "Hi, This error was fixed in: https :// Please update your branch Regards" but it does not give me clarity on how I can solve it.


I need help with

como puedo solucionar este error o que cambio see debe realizar en el archivo .yml que me permita solucionar la novedad.


Remember that this message should not appear at the end of the file.

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