Submission of brainf**k solutions

Hi, I want to know if I have to upload a brainf**k interpreter with my solution.

hey there

I’d choose another language if I were you, the problem with brainfuck is that it’s an esoteric language, a language made just for fun and with zero real application on the IT world, our CI does not support either this language, so you will face a lot of troubles if you try to upload a challenge. Pick another language, with a supported linter and Unix friendly :wink:

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I choosed brainfuck because the task in codeabbey had to be in brainfuck. :frowning_face:


Some people upload solutions for task int codeabbey that had to be in brainfuck, some solutions make a little interpreter for brainfuck in the language and print the code that must be in the solution field in codeabbey.

The challenge needs to be solved in brainfuck language, but you can create the interpreter in any other language. If you are still trying to submit this solution, I suggest you to create the interpreter along with the challenge in one unique file, of course, this interpreter must be in a language supported by our CI, otherwise your pipeline will fail.

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