Test_generics [ERROR] Wrap your code at column 80

Hello i have this Error from the test_generic
its a sol(hack)

[INFO] Directory depth is below threshold
[INFO] Evidences are located under evidences/ folder`
[INFO] Mime-encoding us-ascii at: file_user_path.feature
[INFO] Mime-type text/plain at: file_user_path.feature 
[INFO] Author is using his/her personal GitLab account
[INFO] Filenames are less than or equal to 36 characters
[INFO] GitHub URLs in programming challenges are raw links` `find: 'articles': No such file or directory
[INFO] ASCIIDoc extensions are .adoc
[INFO] Indentation with spaces
[INFO] Paths contain characters only in ^[a-z0-9.\-/]*$
[ERROR] Wrap your code at column 80
We have found some problems :(
  You can replicate this by running:
    services $ ./build.sh test_generic
[INFO] Deleting: /builds/wGEWekfD/0/autonomicmind/.ephemeral/challenges`

Well i don’t know what is failing, i almost deleted all the file and left just 1 scenario, but the error its the same.

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As it says, just wrap the text to 80 columns… a single line can’t have more than 80 columns(count spaces too).


ty very much, i was misunderstanding a word from the error message, but when you said:

that clears all
Thanks :slight_smile: