Test policy complexity error

What happens

when committing the only test that I don’t pass is the /test/policy with message:
( right now there are two failed tests, but the solution to the other one is clear)

[INFO] (Current complexity: 14.62) > (Previous complexity: 0)

349[ERROR] (Current complexity: 14.62) > (Expected max complexity: 4)

What do you understand or find about that problem

After reading the forums, and reading again the guidelines on policy I understood that my first challenge should be of a smaller difficulty, something that wasn’t clear for me at the beginning. I was hoping to go through the stage solving only one challenge because the objective is to get to 13. Now it’s clear that I’m expected to solve more than one challenge.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I haven’t tried anything yet, but my guess is that if I cap the difficulty of the challenge to 4 the commit will pass, but the difficulty of the solution of the challenge will be underestimated for future people.


This is the pipeline:

this is the result of the job:

And this is the complexity for senior:
active: True
min: 1
goal: 13
min_step: 1
max_step: 3

I need help with

Deciding if I should upload the solution with the difficulty capped, or if there is some workaround to upload as is.

Hello, welcome to the forum.

What you can do is save this challenge for later. Start from where it asks for complexity and remember to adjust the ranking as if you have the score with that lower complexity.