Test_policy is failing

What happens

Pipeline #189851270 failed in commit 438991e1

What do you understand or find about that problem

test_policy is the last test that is failing me. It gives me the following exception:
[ERROR] Valid solution not found. Seems like your solution name is non compliant. Please read https://gitlab.com/autonomicmind/challenges/-/wikis/Submission

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I have checked out all the commited files, their names, paths and contents, but the exception still rises, whenever in local or remote.


Commit 438991e1

I need help with

I need to know why is the exception still rises up, although the commit message and the files are ok.

Can you send the link to your commit? that helps to see more easily what happens and help you

Alright, i have attached the link in the question form.

Hi, that problem is weird, we are uploading an MR to debug better that thing, when the MR pass please rebase and try again, with that we can see better what happens to you


Update: this is the MR when it succeed rebase and try again please.

I tried again, and it gives me the following log:


commit d2cfdb8f

Hello @still-lender

That seems now to be a problem beetwen your commit message and the path, because if you see this:


the commit_title is 47 and the path that you created has a different name.

You should use the ID on the commit and path if the challenge has an ID, if not use the name instead in both.


for rootme the challenges uses ID and the paths will be:

  • commit:
    sol(hack): #0 rootme, <ID> (<complexity>)
    sol(hack): #0 rootme, 001 (20)

  • path:

for hackthebox could looks like:

  • commit:
    sol(hack): #0 hackthebox, <challenge/machine> (<complexity>)
    sol(hack): #0 hackthebox, matrix (medium)

  • path:

Knowing that you can fix your challenge and try again.

The id challenge is 47. And a few days ago, there was a MR approved under commit made with the same CTF site (world-of-wargame), where he uses their respective challenge id (23). And if i try to put the name of the challenge in the commit (3-logitpos-famosos), it exceeds 50 characters.

change the name of the folder for the challenge ID and that solves your problem.


Thanks, @pastel-code. Finally the commit passed all the tests.