The MR was closed, how to solve the problems?

Hi, my MR was closed, and I got this feedback:

  1. 2 space indent
  2. stroutstroup braces style
  3. others of the same challenge is shooting your self on the foot

The following will solve the problems?

  1. I’m using 4 spaces indent, I will change the that to 2 spaces.

  2. I will move up the “{” to the same line as the statements, I’m using the Allman style and I will change it to the “Stroustrup” style.

  3. I don’t know what to do with this, I even solved the problem before looking for other solutions to solve the problem with peace of mind and without worrying that my solution would be too similar to one I would have found, and apparently one of the solutions I randomly chose for the OTHERS.lst file is too similar to mine. What should I do in this case? if I choose an unusual problem I may not get enough links to add to the OTHERS.lst file, and if I choose a well-known problem, it is very likely that I will be reported with another false positive and end up wasting my time. So I would be very grateful if you could give me some recommendations:

a) I think I know how to solve the first 2 problems, but can I do something else about the false positive? I’ve spent a lot of time solving this problem and finding the 10 links :frowning:

b) Any recommendations for choosing the problems?

Thank you very much for your time.

Hi! the links don’t need to be solutions for your problem, the links can be solutions for other problems.

You can use that external solutions, only take in mind that with more others your challenge has this can affect the statistics that you have, for that reason he said that, but you can do the MR if you don’t care about statistics, you don’t lose your uniqueness in the solution, but decrease the statistic for that challenge.

You can make any challenge that you want if the language that are you using don’t have any internal or external solutions.