The trouble with the pushing my commits

What happens

I am very worried about of when I pushing my commits to my branch, receiving this message:

fatal: remote error: GitLab is currently unable to handle this request due to load

What do you understand or find about that problem

I guess that the repository have had several problems when I pushing my commits and prepare my merge with master

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

Attempted several times to refresh my push of CI/CD


I need help with

How I can fix this issue and later, prepare to merge with master, after of that /build/code and /test/code are OK!

Hi, you need to pass all the jobs from your branch first, if you get that error, just re-do the job again. Then, when all the jobs are approved, you can try a merge.

If you use Visual Studio with the GitGraph extension, your branch should look like xmagor or khiexhnoum, just a commit after master so you can do a merge. I recommend first experimenting with GitGraph in another repository so you can get the most out of its capabilities. Regards.

Good evening mate!

I am using a virtual machine with the latest version of Ubuntu and terminal too.
The main goal of this case is passing 5 unique challenges; and I’ve tried to pushing commits, so I’ve watched those kind of errors; one of my solutions is appliying “git rebase -i ” for a quick path to restart my “well” commit.

Is this a good practice?, if this isn’t a good practice I need answer if is possible restart the current branch!

Best regards!