There are no challenges between 0 and 5

What happens

Hi. At this point i don’t have challenges between 0 and 5, due this I can’t pass test-policy build.

What do you understand or find about that problem

Currently, I am on a policy where I must solve a challenge between 0 and 3. But I don’t have any challenge in this complexity range. So I can’t pass this test.


I need help with

Create a new custom policy which allow me to solve more challenges. Thanks a lot!.

Hi @wicked-pulse :wave:

I think that this post could be useful to solve your problem.

Hi @wicked-pulse , we are currently working on your problem when it’s fixed you will know it

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Changes were made, pls rebase and send new challenges in case that you get a new error let us know

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As a clarification, now when the policy is restored because you reached the maximum “blessing”, the min “blessing” to start will depend on what you have available if your minimum is 6 you can upload that without problem.

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Thanks a lot!!!. Local builds were fine, so change seems to be ok.