Time limit for start solving code problems

I need to know how much can i take to begin with the code challenges

I’m currently searching for a job, so I’ve been busy in many applications, but now I have the time to start solving the code problems, the thing is that I’ve been reading the instructions the past days and this took me a lot of time to understand everything related to CI CD and to setup my programming environment, so I know almost everything but I still don’t want to make my first merge request because I’m not completely sure about that. So my question is how much time do I have to make my first MR? I don’t want to lose my chance it’s just that I’ve been busy and the documentation is a quit confusing and it took me more time to understand than i expected.

I’m on Technicall Challenges State, so I know it’s different from the Autonomic Jump Pool and the Immersion Stage

I think you give us 2 weeks to start solving, once we send the first MR but I don’t know the time you give the candidates to send their first MR

I haven’t tried yet to send my first MR but I’m still active on the Junior Policy.

And as I said I haven’t tried because I’ve been busy, but now I can do it.


You can start sending your first merge request as soon as possible and you will be given feedback.


But is there a time limit to send the first MR?
I’m concerned about the time is taking me to understand everything here.

Two weeks is the maximum for you to upload your first merge request, however we do care that you have more interaction in the repository and are seen to be active.