Trying to choose challenges (?)


Im new to the challenges platform. Done the checkout and having being trying to choose a challenge to do, I find all of them are already done (at least the vbd ones).

So I understand the more the time has passed, the less chances you have to find an unresolved one (like im finding out)?

For vbd try to use vulnhub, you can find a lot of new vulnerable systems in that web

Hi @pastel-code I’m confused, a few days ago I asked the same questions and I was told that vulnhub was only for hack challenges not for vbd challenges, so what is it? Because !'m also having a hard time just trying to find a toe that has not being exploited totally, and being able to add new vulnhub machines would solve that problem.

Vulnhub has some machines to work VBD like social network, etc, you can search any machine that suits to you.