Uknown error in Danger automated tests


I’m having trouble with the MR. When I push the commit my request is rejected with the following message:

  • [ ] Hi Michael Rivera
    Unfortunately, your MR did not pass my automated tests :robot:.
    Please make sure to check my failure messages and repair them before posting it again.
    If you think there is a bug :beetle:, please contact a repo maintainer.

When I compare my logs with the successful ones, the only difference is the following lines:

Removing commitlint.config.js
Removing node_modules/
Removing package-lock.json
Removing parser-preset.js
21 Removing scons-build/

Can you help me figuring out what is causing that reaction?

this is the link of the failed job:

The actual error here is this:

[ ] A MR must only be created after a successful CI run in your branch

In other words, the error is not related to the content of your commit, just wait until all the CI checks pass before opening a new Merge Request.

You can check the CI status in the “pipelines” tab. Make sure to verify that all pipelines are green to open your MR.

Hope it helps

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My bad! :sweat:

Your advice solved the problem.

thank you! :smiley:

Hi there @junior-gear

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