Unique challenge solutions problem

What happens

I have not been able to upload a CTF and VBD unique challenge solution

What do you understand or find about that problem

I checked the guidelines about submission and I could not understand well about the unique solutions for CTF and VBD, I see it as a contradiction

  1. Each challenge solution must be submitted with 10 external solutions

  2. A CTF or VBD challenge solution to lose their uniqueness: if an external solution is added to OTHERS.lst file

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I tried to upload a challenge solution without external solutions and it was rejected




I need help with

I don’t know why a CTF or VBD challenge solution isn’t accept like unique challenge solution, what should or shouldn’t a CTF o VBD challenge solution have to make it unique?

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Could you please add an image of the pipelines that are failing, or a link of the pipeline if you already push a MR


This challenge solution is of a challenge that was not in the repo, and however did not count as a unique challenge solution

For your CTF or VbD solution to be unique, there should not be any link in the OTHERS.lst file for your solution, all your solutions have external links.

You have to add 10 external links but not necessarily to the challenge you are solving

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Where do I add the 10 external links?

So should I leave the OTHERS.lst file empty?

in the repo there are a lot of different challenges, you can select whichever you want and add links that make reference to the way to solve those challenges

If you solve a challenge with external links this will not be counted as unique

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Ok, But then why didn’t this challenge solution count as unique?

Since this challenge solution meets these conditions

it doesn’t, as you can see, there’s an OTHER.lst file that file has external links


But only make reference to the way to solve those challenges, no to the solution itself.

I do not try to claim that challenge, just I take it as an example to understand

The pipeline doesn’t discriminate the level of resolution that the link give to the challenge, It only evaluates if there’re links in the Other file, it there’s the solution is no longer unique

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If the challenge has a unique solution, should it contain OTHERS.lst?
or can the OTHERS.lst file be empty?

Each challenge solution must be submitted with 10 external solutions ( 10 URLs in OTHERS.lst files).

if your solution has external links, that solution will no longer be unique