Unsuccessful compilation Red

What happens

I am currently trying to upload an exercise in the programming language red and compile. However, when trying the exercise, I get an execution error.

What do you understand or find about that problem

Try to run the exercise again on my computer, if there was a possibility that for some reason it would not work, besides this I read the error that the work shows me but I don’t find much sense in the error.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

At the moment, I don’t understand how to approach the problem because the documentation of the language is poor and on my computer it compiles.

Edit : I tried to make some changes from some examples that I found in a repository, however this didn’t work.



It seems that you are not reading the data properly from the DATA.lst, try to be guided by other examples from the repository.


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I don’t understand, why doesn’t reading the data properly from DATA.lst, because the problem happens in the compilation and the error shows as if a parameter of the function.

Now, if i check the compilation in my computer, it dosen’t show any error, and the program exexute the correct solution.

In other hand, when a i see the solution of some talents, they use the exactly the same command for run de code.

Thanks for your attention and please save a poor soul, to undertand the problem beacause now, i don’t see a solution.