Urls_status_code and code_sort_by_ext

What happens

I’m still having problems regarding the Others.lst files. The problem I’m having is that apparently the links are still not organized alphabetically. And apparently there are still problems with some links.

What do you understand or find about that problema

The problem is clear, the bot says that the links are still not organized alphabetically but they are already organized through a python program.

links organized in alphabetical order :

Another problem that keeps appearing is that there are links that apparently still cannot be read, however, with python I am already removing the links that have.

mistakes before:
Pipeline #751271897

mistakes now:
Pipeline #753597362

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I made a python program to organize and remove links in python, which seems to work but it still gives me problems


Pipeline #753597362

I need help with

Understand why some links are still not working and why they are apparently not organized in alphabetical order.

Hello, what you should sort alphabetically are the extensions of the urls for example
and the urls that have error code 404 must eliminate them.