Vbd commit others error

Hi there.
I was sending a vbd challenge to my remote branch on the repository and a CI error occurred. It says

  • discovered vulnerabilities: 2 by me, 36 already in repo, 37 total.
    ^Total others not correctly computed (at char 49), (line:3, col:1)
    If this is a commit for a SYSTEM vulnerability,follow templates/commit-msg-systems.txt:
    I already follow the template and have 10 others links, i also include a evidence png but it says is passed. What can i do?

Check again! The problem is in the log that you sent to us.

If it’s possible always attach the CI build URL that contains the error.

this is the CI build log

In fact is a math problem. Read the error carefully.

Of course, I was assuming that x + y was the total number of solutions available, and this is not the case.
Thanks for making me realize that

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