What is Scenario:correlations

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Since the template for hacking systems is down, I’ve been writing the format based on other merged features but I have no idea what is the correlations field at the end of the doc.

Most of them say: “no correlations have been found” followed by a date. So Im not sure what to write in this case.

The correlations variable indicates wheter the current vulnerability can be used to change the attack vector to a more complex one, compromising more information by combining the current vulnerability with another existing one. In case there is a correlation you must specify how to correlate the vulnerabilities, the changes on the attack vector, and what kind of indormation were compromised as result.

So, the other vulnerability must exist in the folder in order to make a correlation?

Not necessarily, you can find a correlation with a new, undiscovered vulnerability, but you have to upload the respecting writeup for the new vulnerability,

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