What is the correct way to add an additional file?

I’m solving codeabbey challenge # 140, I’m using language Rust. I made use of a library. so I need to have the file “Cargo.toml” for the code to work. Both files are in the challenge directory,but I got this error:(/training/code/codeabbey/140/adrianfcn/), when I do the push to training, the tests generate the following error:


I understand that they do not accept capital words, but it does not work that way.
$ mv Cargo.toml cargo.toml

$ cargo run cargo.toml
error: could not find Cargo.toml in /training/code/codeabbey/140/adrianfcn/ or any parent directory

What should I do in this case?

The error you’re getting is not because of the file itself but because of its name not being compliant with our naming syntax. Just rename the file from Cargo.toml to cargo.toml, that should be enough.

Yes, I understand that the name “Cargo.toml” is not correct. The problem is that if I change. “Cargo.toml” to “cargo.toml” also generates an error, but this time of compilation.
$mv Cargo.toml cargo.toml
$cargo run
error: could not find Cargo.toml in / or any parent directory

Hi, you can compile Rust without cargo, check out other people’s Rust solutions. In part that is why programming solutions include prelude and postlude, so other people who see them can figure out how to compile, lint and run the programs.

Hi, I’ve been doing this in my last challenges. At the beginning I also hoped I wouldn’t have the need to use Cargo. But I didn’t find another way to load the library in rust.
the challenges in rust of other participants do not seem to help me in this case. I didn’t see any that would use a compilation process other than “$ rustc adrianfcn.rs”.

PD: the library (crate) is:

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