When I push the repo, this error occurs

Hello everyone,
I just tried to upload my solution in training repository, but after doing the push on my branch, the following error occurs in the pipeline:

Running with gitlab-runner 11.10.1 (1f513601)  on Training KFD-Wja8Using Docker executor with image registry.gitlab.com/autonomicmind/training:builder ...Pulling docker image registry.gitlab.com/autonomicmind/training:builder ...ERROR: Preparation failed: Error response from daemon: Get https://registry.gitlab.com/v2/autonomicmind/training/manifests/builder: unauthorized: HTTP Basic: Access denied (executor_docker.go:168:0s)

how can i fix it?

This has nothing to do with the code you are uploading, it’s a gitlab authentication error from the training container. The only thing I can think of that may solve the issue is to make a local rebase that changes the commit hash (by making a small change in the commit), push your changes and hope the CI won’t fail. We’re currently researching why is this happening, thank you for your patience.

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Done, try removing your branch and push your changes again

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I made a small change on my commit and deleted the remote branch, but the error is persistent.

I guess I can’t do anything at this moment

Hello. Remove the remote branch and the local one too, it works for me

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