Where are the challenges?

Donde puedo encontrar los 9 retos (3 de programacion, 3 de ctf-hacking, 3 de vbd-hacking).

Estoy en mi Gitlab, he estado leyendo, explorando la plataforma, pero no veo donde puedo visualizar los retos para poder realizarlos.

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https://fluidattacks.com/web/careers/technical-challenges/ > recomendations

Ahi se indican algunos sitios con retos, sin embargo en git hay otros de cada tipo de reto

De ese git sale este sitio donde indexamos mas lugares:


Hello, do we get to choose the challenges to do on root me and codeabbey? if so which ones should we choose? I’m a bit confused, as in codeabbey there are different levels of programming challenges.

As explained in the docs, you can do any challenge you want as long as its not already solved in the repo. For programming challenges, you can do already solved ones if there are no solutions in your language of choice.

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Great, do we have to upload the solutions to this folder?
here :


Thank you!

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