Where can I find vbd documentation?


I’m about to start solving vbd challenges but I can’t find the rules. In old posts it is mentioned that the rules are in writeups but the repo is not available and as far as I can see, vbd is now in challenges.

In the challenges wiki it is mentioned about vbd but the links are broken (the owasp links). Also, it is mentioned that challenges can be taken from vulnhub, but vulnhub is in /hack/vulnhub not in vbd so I have two questions:

  1. If I solve a challenge from vulnhub would it count as hacking or as vdb?
  2. Where can I find the documentation for vbd?


Hi @perceived-doubt,

Templates: https://gitlab.com/autonomicmind/challenges/-/tree/master/templates

Sites: https://gitlab.com/autonomicmind/challenges/-/tree/master/vbd

  1. vbd/ folder contains vbd challeges, same thing goes for hack.
  2. Templates link.

@infinite-loop sorry I totally missed the templates.

But regarding question #1, the thing is, since all vulnhub challenges have links on OTHERS.lst

If I add a new vulnhub challenge (so that my solution would be unique), does that new challenge count as a hack challenge or as a vbd challenge? Where should I put it?


Can you please show me where you saw that vulnhub challenges are of vbd type? Looks like it has to be fixed, as vulnhub is for hack challenges (it is under the hack folder).

Regarding where to put your solution, it is in the documentation. There are not any special rules for vbd or vulnhub. Every solution to a challenge goes to the challenge folder.


There it says that the challenges can be taken from OWASP (the links are broken) and from vulnhub.

So, from where can I get more vbd challenges? And, then I assume that it is ok to add a new vulnhub machine as a hack challenge?


Documentation fixed. Links will be kept broken as it seems like OWASP is working on migrating them, so the information is currently not available, but it will be.

Regarding where to find vbd challenges, let me give you an example:

There is, for example, a webgoat folder under the vbd folder.

Then, if you look on the internet about webgoat, you’ll find this:

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are these the links to the OWASP ?