Which challenges should I choose?

Hello Guys:
Do we get to choose the challenges to do on (root me ) and (codeabbey?) if so which ones should we choose? I’m a bit confused, as in codeabbey there are different levels of programming challenges.
if not, where in git lab are the challanges?
thank you

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Ok, I’m gonna make sure to address each of your questions.

  1. Do we get to choose the challenges to do on (root me ) and (codeabbey?)
    R. You can select challenges from anywhere you want as long as they are coding challenges for programming, Hacking CTF for hacking, and ToE hacking for VBD.
    Information regarding what these types of challenges are can be found here:
    Also, note that you can add your own challenge sites as long as you meet all the requirements mentioned (point 5).

What challenges should you choose?
It is entirely your decision. Its up to you to either pick an easy or a hard challenge, just keep in mind that hard ones are gonna be more appreciated :slight_smile:

Where in gitlab are the challenges:
Information regarding folder structure can be found here:

Most of the time you are going to find folder with no solutions inside, go for 'em!
Also, as I said before, you can add your own site/challenge folders if they’re not in the repo and solve them!

Have fun!

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