Wrap DATA.lst at column 80

What happens

I’m getting an error because I’m not wraping my DATA.lst to 80 characters

What do you understand or find about that problem

My last commit had a DATA.lst about 200 cols and no problem

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I suposed there is a bug right now in the repository?


Failed pipeline

Past DATA.lst

Actual DATA.lst

I need help with

If I wrap the columns the algorith will fail!

This is what your failed test said:

[ERROR] Wrap your code at column 80 code/codeabbey/069/dsernag.hy

I think you misread where the real problem was. Check dsernag.hy, the problem is there. :wave:


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I have the same problem but with the YML, were you able to fix this error?
I am attaching the error I have.

Thanks so much.

This happens because at least one line of code within the files you uploaded has more than 80 characters. However in your case the problem remains the same as you have had since you started:

Try to fix it using the hints that have been given to you above.

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Delete the branch to fix the error, I also corrected the document by fixing the excess lines, hopefully everything is fine.
Thanks so much! :grin: