Your Slack channel is not working

I’m doing the tests, in the technical documentation of the challenges is the following "Join our Slack channel, where you can interact with Fluid Attacks personnel and other candidates, who are working in the same stage that you are, to discuss questions or issues may have. " The Slack channel link is broken. is this link necessary? stay tuned

Hi Alex, we are moving the recruitment support to this forum. All questions should be asked here. If everything works well, we’ll shut down the slack and move forward to more asynchronous communication.

I get it, so that link is part of the old selection process model. Thanks for such a quick response. I inform then that in the course of today and tomorrow I will be doing the commit of the tests, great day

Good luck! The documentation will be updated when the new support model is completely verified.

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Can you include the URL where this can be found?


Hmm… I can’t find the word Slack in that page :thinking:

It was an issue with a previous version in the webpage that mentions Slack; now it points accordingly to the forum as the only mechanism to resolve doubts.

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