Build code failed with java

Hi all.
I am new and I was trying to commit my first solution, but I got a error in the build java step.

if a run the build locally I get the same error

I dont how to fix it or pass the build step because locally the function works fine.
maybe I couldn’t use java for the solutions ?

I letf the url for the pipeline for more information:

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Welcome to the forum,

You are trying to upload a challenge with a language that is not enabled, please check the policies carefully.


Hi there,
I was wondering if I can use Janet as a programming language because on the section “Rules” (Rules | Autonomic Jump) says about “Supported languages” (Language Ranking) and “Dropped (no longer supported)” (Unsupported Languages) but Janet doesn’t appear in any of both links… So with that in mind I’m a little confuse because in the documentation’s policies ( Janet appear as a choosable language:

What would I do?
Thanks for your help!