Pipeline failed with stages Test_code_failed

What happens
pipeline error in test_code (file yaml)




What do you understand or find about that problem
Reading the forum I saw that a single commit needs to be done, I did it and it still fails, i think it’s something in the git.

You make any workaround? What did you do?
change from two commits to one, also check the editor format, which was in LF and YAML.

additional these are my steps
1) clone repo ssh
2) use :: git checkout -b juancamilo6
3) copy my files in repo code/codeabbey/001
4) use :: git add .
5) use :: git commit with regulatory message
6) use :: git checkout master
7) use :: git merge juancamilo6
8) use :: git push origin juancamilo6

Why fails your workaround?

i don’t know

error link

I need help with

I would like to know where I am failing.

You can check the debug messages clicking on the jobs


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hi, @uneasy-ruler , thanks for this, I was able to solve two problems, but I can’t understand the other, i look at solutions in the forum, apply them and still do not solve,

[ERROR] Commit body must be empty

The solution is exactly what you read in the debug message, the commit body should be empty, you can find here what you need to leave in the commit message

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yes, but my previous commit is :
sol(code): #0 codeabbey, 1 (1.0)

  • others: 7 in, 34 out, 41 total.
  • score: 0.0 initial, 1.0 final, 1.0 progress.
  • global-rank: 30230 initial, 30230 final, 0 progress.
  • national-rank: 30230 initial, 30230 final, 0 progress.
  • effort: 7 hours during immersion, productivity 0.14 points/hour.

now, when I remove the body I get the following
just : sol(code): #0 codeabbey, 1 (1.0)
i get
⧗ input: Delete juancamilo6.yml
:heavy_multiplication_x: header must be lower-case [header-case]
:heavy_multiplication_x: scope may not be empty [scope-empty]
:heavy_multiplication_x: subject may not be empty [subject-empty]
:heavy_multiplication_x: type may not be empty [type-empty]

sorry so much trouble.

you are 7 commits ahead the master branch

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you are very crack, thanks friend, I finally made it