Error in feature language with test_generic

Good afternoon, someone can help me with a bug I have with the .feature, generate this:

[ERROR] hack/tryhackme/ohsint/cleancamera.feature language was not recognized.
[ERROR] You can find supported languages in code/lang-data-supported.yml
[ERROR] and dropped languages in code/lang-data-dropped.yml.
[ERROR] Please consider using a supported language
[ERROR] or creating an issue for supporting .feature solutions

I look at this file and the feature language is not found, so I don’t know if any change was made, then I would have to do the hacking solution in another language, I have already checked other merge and they still have the feature, I also tried pasting other solutions of mine that were approved and none of them work.

Hi, A MR fixing this issue was already merged into master. Please rebase your branch an re-run this test :smile:

Our mistake. We are working on a fix to allow you to fix this. Thanks for the report.