How to calculate score

What happens?

I do not know how to calculate my score although I read the documentation.

The description of what happens

In the documentation indicate how to calculate the global and national ranking, and also the site where the participants’ statistics are.

I guess that’s where the score comes from, but my username is not registered on that site.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I tried to find post related to my problem but did not find.


I need help with

I know how to calculate the global and national score. Could you please tell me how to calculate my score?

It’s a very simple thing, please try to be more careful with this kind of questions.

If this is your first challenge, your score should look like this.

initial: 0
final: 1 (considering you are doing a blessing 1 challenge)
progress: 1

Then in the next challenge you simply take this into account:

initial: 1 (the total score of the previous one)
final: 4.34 (considering you are doing a blessing challenge 3.34)
progress: 3.34


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