How to upload solution to Codeabbey

What happens

I’m trying to submit my solution to Codeabbey to get my ranking, but the platform do not accept solutions in Red lenguaje

What do you understand or find about that problem

In the platform there are not options to submit the solution in the red lenguaje, and the other options that are given in the platform as IdeOne or CodePad, do not accept it neither.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I tried to send the solution selecting the option of other lenguaje, but didn’t accept it.


Captura de pantalla de 2023-07-17 08-31-24
There is not option to send in red lenguaje

I need help with

I need help to submit my solution and get the score


Usually, the languages that are in the repository are derived from superior languages or fairly well-known languages so they are similar. So if we take this example, if you are developing in the repository with the Kotlin language, the closest thing to this would be Java on codeabbey. In short, you will likely practice two languages simultaneously, but one will be more difficult than the other and that is part of the process.

I wish you good luck :smiley:


I was reading and the lenguage that red lenguage is based on is REBOL, which is the closest lenguaje to this in the platform of Codeabbey?

Thank you

If you do not find a similar language, solve it with the language that is most comfortable for you, remember that the important thing is to move forward with the process.


But i red the policies, and the lenguajes that i can use to solve the problem do not appear any on codeabbey, can i use another lenguage to solve it even if it is not in the policies?

Thanks for your help

Hey friend, after reading all the docs over and over again, I think the whole idea of the challenges is seeing how fast and how able are you to adapt to a new language and a new way of thinking about how you code.
What I have been doing these days is doing my solutions for codeabbey in Python and then doing them in raku, that’s the language I chose for my policies. So, my recommendation is that you read all about the languages in your policies and chose the one you think is easier for you, then make your solutions first in a common language, and then in the language you just chose.
Good Luck!


Ohh I understand the idea, I already solved the problem in the red lenguaje, I’m going to solve it in a common lenguaje to get the score, thanks for your help and information.

hey bro you are in the technical challenge? if you are, could you tell me what was the next step after they accepted your autonomic repository?