Issue with branch validation

What’s the matter?

I want to upload my first challenge to the repository, I do it through git, in this I use the branch named “sofita” when performing the MR, a conflict appears with this branch, when I sent the MR. and I hope the approval is rejected and they tell me that the MR should only be sent when the branch has finished integrating successfully (green), with this I understand that such a conflict is due to the branch.

What do you understand or find about that problem?

I understand that there is a conflict with the “sofita” branch, as can be seen in the attached files, the creation of the branch from git is correct, but it has not been accepted or validated in the repository and therefore it does not allow the MR .

Alternative solution:

Make the creation of the branch from git, verify that in the repository that it is created, but it has not been validated and it appears with X, therefore, I have not found a solution to this issue.


I need help validating what is the problem with the creation of the branch, or information on how I can solve this problem.

HI! you have several problem here

First of all make sure your are cloning the repo using
git clone

Also you are using the incorrect command to push your commits
pls check the commands

git pull
git push
git rebase

As I can see you are trying to merge a folder different to the challenge folder, you must create a branch and work inside the challenge folder, following the instructions here General Criteria | Autonomic Jump

Let me know if you have any other problem

Indeed I am correctly cloning the repository and the commands mentioned I am using them correctly in Git, the files to add if I am adding them in the challenges folder and in this case in challenge 1.


pls move to the folder challenges
and run these commands and add screenshots of your outputs so I can explain your problem

git status
git log

This appears to me, could you explain?

First of all you have the incorrect commit description
check the command git commit --amend to fix that

After that push again your changes and wait until the pipelines finish,
if pipelines fail, you are going to see the X, if you click the X you will find something like this

If you click each failed pipeline you will get the reason why the pipeline fail, fix the problems locally and try again

According to the save folder, it would be fine in my case for challenge 1:

Ok push your changes and solve problems in your pipelines I will check the challenge once you successfully open a MR