Question about Effort

What happens
According to the documentation:

Effort is the number of hours dedicated to solving the challenge, and it must be calculated using the total-time.
For example, if your last MR had a total time equal to 48.5 hours and for your current challenge the total time is equal to 58.5 hours your effort will be 10 hours. If you are pushing your first challenge the effort will be equal to the total-time.

But what if in the last challenge I took more hours than I did in the current challenge? The effort cannot be negative. What can I do in that case?

What do you understand or find out about this problem?
The effort cannot be negative.

Have you done any troubleshooting, what have you done?
I have no solution for this

Previous Effort

Current Effort

If I upload this the pipeline fails because the effort cannot be negative.

Remember that the total time is the total number of hours you have been in the process.

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