Third-party JS obfuscation

Does it possible to obfuscate javascript libraries by 3rd parties? I only read about topics from online tools or libraries you can obfuscate source code, I’m not sure if is possible use this method from libraries 3rd parties.

Could you update the initial question with:

  • your previous research on the topic
  • your initial analysis and conclusions
  • what third libraries are we talking about?

Then we could build from there to give you the appropriate advice

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Hi there @pink-pilot

About your question, yes it is possible to obfuscate the third parties libraries on your project; there are some tools on internet that are meant for that, for example obfuscator-loader but it depends on the preferences of the developer.

To consider this topic as a security breach you have to check what are the libraries for, I mean the use of the js. For example, if the javascript contains or describes the encrypt method or main functions of the application and if these can guide to a disclosure of information or break the security of the app in some way. To see if your app is secure from third parties js vulnerabilities you can check the recommendations of OWASP in here