Detect Private Key failed in test_generic

Hi, I am getting the following error running test_generic in my local build:

After that, it shows, Private key found: and points to the location of the feature file for the hack solution i made. How should i fix this?

Hi, I was reading about that hook, is a hook that works in the pre-commit, and the private key read the files and if find a private key fails, looking your commit I found this:


And probably that is the cause of the fail, you can change that to something like:

And I open one of them and see a private key [Evidence x](key.png)

And add that private key as an image.

PD: I think that could work, but you must try (is my first time seeing that).

Ok then, i will try and i let you know if it works.

It worked! Thank you very much @pastel-code :smile: