Failed pipeline - CI

What happens
I managed to push to my branch but now I am getting pipeline problems to my email. First it was the test_policy and test_user_yaml. Then test_commit_msg and build_solutions_python. Finally, I am getting test_generic, test_commit_msg and build_solutions_python.

What do you understand or find about the problem
I am not sure, my understanding is I have to fix this before doing a MR.

### You make any workaround? What did you do?
I created a yml file.

I need help with
What to do, not sure what are the next steps.

Hello, remember to stick to the template when asking for help.
Also, it would be easier to help you if you show evidences of what happens in your pipelines.
Check that you can click your pipelines results and check its logs, that can be very useful for you when trying to save time and “debug” your solutions’ uploadings.

I suggest you that you edit this topic according to what may be missing and add evidences, whether if they are screenshots or copy/paste of logs or both.

As @memorable-statue said, you can find a debug of each pipeline, that can help you to solve problems however I find out you have multiple errors in you MR so pls carefully read the wiki.

Remember all your files must be in only one MR.