/formatYaml and /check_date tests failed

What happens
The /formatYaml and /test/generic/check_date pipeline’s tests are failing after I perform a push to Gitlab from my local branch.

What do you understand or find about that problem
Although I followed the documentation on the Jump page and also compared the file with other ones of the same challenge, I think that the issues ocurred due to some considerations about the YML format that I haven’t been able to identify.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?
I updated the master branch, ran the .yml file in an online prettyfier and search the forum for related solutions.

Pipeline error messages:

Git log:

I need help with
The problems shown in the evidences.

Make sure that you have uploaded the challenge with a single commit. And also try not to add the 5 hours, maybe will work.


Hi @imaginative-watch , thanks for your help. However, I’m still having the same issues with the Pipeline. I didn’t add the five hours as you suggested but the tests failed again. Also, I uploaded all files in a single commit, as you can see bellow:


What other validations or actions could I perform in this case to identify the problem with the .yml file?

Make sure you have this enabled in your IDE. And here is the .yml file for you to paste and test.

type: cyb
user-name: juanangel6
stage: immersion
  by-me: 1
  in-repo: 0
  total: 1
estimated-incidents: 1
discovery-percentage-cyb: 100%
total-time: 15
effort: 1.5
date: "2023-11-29 10:09:52Z"
path: juanangel6.feature