Issue with test/policy

What happens

I was running makes and It fails in the test/policy job, but I do not know why this error appears.

What do you understand or find about that problem

Today my challenge of 13.73 of complexity (senior goal) was merged, so I pull the changes to start a new challenge from 3.60 (Was the only complexity with unique solution). I did all as usual, the yml, the 10 links, my .red file. But when I execute this /test/policy job It fails but does not say why.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

When I uploaded my last challenge (13.73) It said in the policy job that min complexity should be from 1 to 4, and this challenge is 3.60, so it is between those parameters


I need help with

I need to know why this error appears in order to keep uploading challenges.

I need the full format of the post, avoid making posts like this, please add more evidence, like your files, your .yml, etc.


Sorry, I already corrected the post to the right format.

Have you tried uploading it to the repository to see what errors you get?

Yes, I already saw what the error was, thanks!. It was because of a wrong syntax in the .yml.