Metasploit module or help

Hi, somebody knows a metasploit module that helps me enter in a wordpress, whit the wpscan i get the usernames and the wp admin password, so i need a metasploit module or a tip to continue the penetration


I recommend you first read the Metasploit Framework documentation (also inside the Framework you can see a little bit using the “help” command). I leave you a link about it.

Additionally, speaking of modules of this Framework specifically to get a reverse shell in WordPress, I can advise you to read this article.

On the other hand, you can also create a reverse shell in PHP (since WordPress works with PHP), run it and, with a simple port opening tool like netcat, receive it, I leave you another article to see this new method and review the previous one.

Finally, I recommend you to read the forum template, they are rules set by Autonomic Mind so that all posts can be seen more orderly and access to their answers for future users is simpler.

Have a nice day.

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