Minimum complexity exceeded

What happens

When I upload challenge 091 with difficulty 9.05 the /test/policy fails informing me that the maximum complexity currently supported is 7.16 because the previous commit was of complexity 4.16.

What do you understand or find about this problem?

I understand that you suggest me upload a challenge with a maximum complexity of 7.16 because the previous one was of complexity 4.16, however this is incorrect, since the last challenge approved was of difficulty 6.90.

Did you make any solutions? What did you do?

I have checked that the date in the .yml file is correct, I have checked that my branch is up to date, I have checked that the file format is correct in the path section of the .yml file.

(Optional) Why does your solution fail?

I think it may be related to the fact that my policy recently changed from junior-immersion to middle-immersion and this would be the first challenge I have sent since that happened.


The mistake

Previous complexity


I need help with

Understand what the error is and what you should correct so that the / test / policy does not fail.

This error was produced by a bad date format in your yml files, some of your yml files has a date as '2021-09-3 16:29:37Z' the lack of leading zero produces a misinterpretation error when ordering dates by precedence.

I just fixed the date formatting in the broken yml, pls rebase your branch and re-try

There is a calculation error in the score. 109.57 + 9.05 = 118.62, not 118.61.