My code solutions were unique but not now

Hello everyone!

I Have a problem: Last week i’ve been working on 3 code solutions from codeabbey, they were unique at the moment i uploaded them, but recently a fellow uploaded his solution (in another language) but also uploaded 10 solutions in the OTHERS.lst file, and it results that one of them is in written in my solution language (Ruby), that’s why my solution is not unique anymore:

In this example the solution he uploaded in OTHERS.lst is my solution from codeabbey (before i make it pretty to upload it here), which i never published, it was only private on codeabbey challenge and i don’t know what is doing on that repo:

This is the link:
Is also happened here:
My question is: Is there any way to make my solutions unique again? I work really hard on it and i want it to be valid. The solution was unique when i upload it. Thaks a lot.

Hey there

Do not waste energies trying to recover the uniqueness of your previous challenges, instead focus on uploading new unique solutions. The system is working as intended and shows how the IT world works: what is unique today, surely tomorrow will change, so keep moving forward, keep coding and learning :wink:

Thanks for the answer :smiley: So they will be still valid as my 3 program solutions?

of course they are valid solutions, no longer unique but still valid, keep working on your unique solutions to improve your metrics :muscle: