N commits behind master

So i tried to Merge but this message came out: “Your branch is 9 commits behind master”, i tried to rebase my branch but it says is already up to date. Then i did a git pull but it says the same “Already up to date”. How else can i fix that? I tried googling but do rebase and git pull are the solutions that i’ve found.

How are you doing that? Please copy commands and their outputs and any other relevant information.

First i tried to rebase:
$ git rebase jpverde
Current branch jpverde is up to date.

Then i tried to pull:
$ git pull
Already up to date.

These are the commands i used so far, and its outputs.

You are currently rebasing your own branch, try

$ git rebase origin/master




My bad :sweat_smile:
Thanks for your help, i just did that and i works now.

Hi @hermit-purple should I apply this to my branch or should I checkout to master and apply that command. Is that I am basically having the same problem.

i have 131 commits behind.

After applying that command ($ git rebase origin/master), I again apply git pull origin master and I get that I need to specify how to reconcile diverging branches.
I need to specify how to reconcile diverging branches.

thank you very much for your help.


Before sending your branch to an RM, you should be on par with the master branch, you should do a fetch and a pull so you don’t have commits on top of it. Once this is done, you can send the RM, please don’t overrun the RM, I will take care of that.