New steps feature problem

What happens

I am trying to push a code challenge but I get the following error:

  File "build/modules/test-policy/", line 443, in main
    branch_name, repo):
  File "build/modules/test-policy/", line 302, in is_solution_code_complexity_valid
    get_policy_complexity(user_policy, solution)
  File "build/modules/test-policy/", line 75, in get_policy_complexity
    'step': policy[solution['type']]['complexity']['step'],
  File "/nix/store/3jmwvx26isq9j4wh56g1ay2cxmz5px9x-ruamel.yaml0.16.10/site-packages/ruamel/yaml/", line 753, in __getitem__
    return ordereddict.__getitem__(self, key)
KeyError: 'step'
We have found some problems :(
  You can replicate this by running:
    services $ ./ test_policy
[INFO] Deleting: /builds/wGEWekfD/0/autonomicmind/.ephemeral/challenges

What do you understand or find about that problem

Yesterday a new feature was added: “step” to the policies, so far I don’t know what this new feature is about, the test_policy module was also modified a bit ( and

The error I am getting seems to be syntax error, I don’t see any information about this error

You make any workaround? What did you do?

Seeing that this is a syntax error or is directly related to the execution of python “KeyError” I decided to read the code to see how this new feature worked and in summary it get step value of policies/data.yml

def get_policy_complexity(
        policy: Any,
        solution: Dict[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, float]:
    return {
        'min': policy[solution['type']]['complexity']['min'],
        'goal': policy[solution['type']]['complexity']['goal'],
        'step': policy[solution['type']]['complexity']['step'],
        'min_step': policy[solution['type']]['complexity']['min_step'],
        'max_step': policy[solution['type']]['complexity']['max_step'],

And what I found is that the step key is not found in data.yml but it was merged yesterday although it was modified 5 hours ago and the changes were made +18 hours ago

What I can conclude from this is that the module is still evaluating this key but it is not in data.yml or that for some reason the changes were not made or my user does not have the updated repository


I need help with

At the time of writing this a doc was provided of the policy: but this one doesn’t talk about the new feature (steps), then I wouldn’t know what “step” means

You are right, the step is evaluated but don’t exist anymore in the policy, that was a mistake, right now we are uploading the fix, BTW step was divided in min and max, to change the range where it works, because some users are uploading a lot of challenges with little steps on the complexity and the main idea is to promote the surpass in the steps, but slowly with the new min/max range.


this is the MR with the fix, when the MR pass rebase and try again.