Problem /review when I create the MR

What happens

I got a problem with the MR, in /review.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I understand that I should have the commit user with my name, but, I changed it, but, it still doesn’t working.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I changed my local and global git name several times and, again, it still doesn’t working.


This is the pipeline error, in /review

And this is my current git config:


I need help with

I need someone to explain to me what is wrong or if I did something wrong.


Be sure to delete the remote and local branch and redo the changes.


What do you mean? I have to delete the branch from where? I mean, with the commit pushed into my branch, do I have to delete the local branch and do commit again? I don’t understand.

That is to say, redo the whole process from scratch, and check that the commit does contain the correct name. You could use some git command to verify.

By process do you mean do a commit again? I’ve already done it several time, it does not work.