Root-me cryptanalysis hacking challenges?

I take a problem from root-me from the cryptanalysis section. As I saw in the documentation, submission and style guide, the cryptanalisis challenges must be resolved in a .feature archive, ¿or should I resolve it plain code? i researched before and, as the guides suggest, the ctf-challenges requires 2 archives:

  • answer.feature
  • LINK.lst

But i received this message:

feature files are required only for hacking challenges

When I try to upload the archives from my branch.

if the structure is not the showed in please can you please indicate me where to find the template to CTF challenges? thanks.

I think you have a confusion here, regarding the type of the challenge you are uploading.

Indeed, for hacking solutions you need a username.feature file along with 10 Others (external, non-repeated solutions) of other hacking challenges, a LINK.lst file in case the challenge is new and the scripts you used to exploit the vulnerability in case you used any.

In this particular case, you are mixing the scopes and the files required for each type of challenge, if you upload a hacking solution the correct commit-msg should start by sol(hack) instead of sol(code) which is used only for programming challenges. Also you cannot upload a programming and a hacking challenge in the same MR each one must be in different commits and with different others.

It is important to clarify that programming challenges must upload programming others and hacking challenges must add hacking others, otherwise the MR will be closed.

I hope this could solve your doubts.

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You should first check the submission criteria, the bot comments and the approved MRs to understand in what you are failing and how you can fix these issues

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