What is vbd hacking?

Greetings, could someone tell me what is it vbd hacking?, I have to solve 3 challenges there with the Root Me platform, in which I don’t know where to find the challenges either.

Hello!! I don’t know what mean vbd too, I searched it on google and I found the following :


I hope it can help you

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Thanks partner for the answer, another friend question as you passed me the link of the document, I am doing the tests to enter a company called autonomic mind which requires me 3 programming challenges, 3 of ctf and 3 of vbd, which I already have the first 6, but they tell me that I have to upload the answers to GitLab but to their branch, to their section called formation, which I don’t know where it is. Can you help me
Thank you

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If you have questions regarding the hiring process, I think @bad-room should be able to help you.

You have to climb the challenges to the training branch, In case you don’t have access to the branch you can do it by the following form to give you access

We also require your personal data to have a contact with you

ok friend I already found the branch of autonomic mind and the training item, to upload the files, according to I understand the programming ones I upload them in code and those of ctf hackin in hack, my question is, two options appear, new file or upload file? Are both valid? And another question, friend, I have to export a link from the codeabbey or Root Me platform so that it can be verified that it really performs the challenges.
And another question, friend, how do I raise the challenges that I solve from ctf hackin in root me, since I don’t document them, it only appears on the platform that is solved, there is some way to import them.
Thank you

This related topic may help you:

Make sure to search first in the already existing threads, before opening new questions, most trainees face the same issues :wink:

Hi, I am in the same situation with Autonomic Mind but I don’t find where are the challengers. Could you please tell me where are they? Thanks


The broken link was update, if you have a most specific question and you didn’t found anything in the other threads you can open a new one with the template for post:

If your question is related to the challenges you can ask in the community or see the wiki, but if is related to the hiring proccess you can see this links: