Forgot to keep track of my score ranking

What happens

I started solving problems in Codeabbey, and now I want to upload the code I made but I forgot to keep track of the score and my progress. Now I want to upload my solutions challenges but I don’t know what to put on the .yml file
Also, I am in Venezuela but Codeabbey shows like I am in the United States, so even if I kept track of my national ranking, I wouldn’t know which one should I use, if Venezuelan or the United States one

What do you understand or find about that problem

I know that at the end of the page Problems I can find the enlightment of every one of the problems I solved, but I first thought that was my progress in the international ranking. It doesn’t show how I did my progress, or even less my national progress

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I checked autonomic jump docs, only found how to calculate the national score, also check this forum and I found a post exactly like this one, with a “solution” to a link it doesn’t work anymore, so I tried to find the module, and I found the national score calculation page.



I need help with

I would like some documentation or description about what can I do in this case, please. Should I put that I had 0 progress in both cases or something?


You should try to make an approximation of your ranking, i.e., where would you be if you had a total score of 5.76? you look for someone with that score and there you will have the result.


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Thanks! I have another question, I looked at the docs, and I didn’t read anything about what goes in others: in: out:. Could you please explain that to me?

in: The number of challenges in the specific challenge folder.

out: The number of links in the OTHERS.lst of the specific challenge folder.

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