Negative progress in code ranking

What happens

When I uploaded a challenge in codeabby my ranking went up instead of going down(expected) and I can not put a negative progress in the .YML

What do you understand or find about that problem

I understand that more people uploaded challenges and because of that my ranking went up. another user in the forum had the same error and the answer for that was to leave the ranking the same in initial and final and put 0 in progress, but when doing the MR in the repo they say It was not correct.


I need help with

I need to know what to do in this case, because I followed the intructions here but they say that is not possible.

As you can see in your last challenge, you had a progression, when you uploaded this last challenge to codeabbey there had to be a progression in the ranking.


Yes, in my firt challenge I had a progression, but when I uploaded my second challenge to codeabby my ranking went up , I mean, I was in the position 27096 but when I uploaded that second challenge I went up to 27158. So I do not know what to put in the progress.