Help in commit values


i want some help because i don’t understand how to calcule this values.

  • others: M in, N out, M+N total.
  • score: X initial, Y final, Y-X progress.
  • global-rank: M initial, N final, M-N progress.
  • national-rank: M initial, N final, M-N progress.
  • effort: H hours during <challenges/immersion>, productivity P points/hour.

i read the template help but don’t understand. :frowning:


Everything is the template. Read it carefully and maybe paste here the definitions of M,N, etc. If you still don’t understand something specific, we can follow up on that.

the info of the template is:

M and N stand for integers, X, Y, H and P can have decimals.
M are the number of internal challenges solved by other talents
for the specific challenge you're solving

How to calcule challenges solver by other talents?

N are the number of external challenges references in the OTHERS.lst file
for the specific challenge you're solving

Count url or lines in others.lst ?

All of these values must be filled in. There cannot be any fields that do not
apply, since all challenges give some score and ranks. See

I understand this

Effort is the number of hours dedicated to solving the challenge,
and sending the MR to the training repository not necessarily in one sitting.
For example if you dedicated two hours today
and later 20 minutes, and three more hours the day after, that's
5 hours and 20 minutes = 5.3 hours.
Effort report must cover also the time required
for searching existing solutions (OTHERS),
as well as linting and compiling time before sending the MR.
If the MR gets rejected, additional time used on fixing it has to be added
Productivity is the progress in points divided by the effort: P=(Y-X)/H

Each line in others is a solution, so lines.
Each source code file (for code) or each *.feature file (for hack) is a solution
Oh, and please change the formatting of your last message, it renders huge letters

ok very thanks

i the last thing is, what is my score ?
i view in the codeabbey but i dont found


Solution list.

That is detailed in the documentation. It is the ‘enlightenment’

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Hi, where is the ‘enlightment’ document? Thank you.

Enlightment refers to the codeabbey challenge complexity, is not a document

Thank you, and do you know where is located the OTHERS.1st file?

Please check other existent posts with similar questions, if your question remains unsolved feel free to open a new thread, but not on this post, it’s already closed and the topic is different from your question.