Issue with lintgitmailmap

What happens?

My name isn’t in .mailmap list.

The description of what happens

I have been trying to make local constructions, but the integration was not successful, neither my name nor my email are listed when I run “m . /lintGitMailMap” although I have followed all the steps indicated in (Build | Autonomic Jump).

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I’ve been looking for information about it in the forum but the solutions that appear I have already made.


I need help with

I don’t understand why if I follow the steps indicated in the guide my and my don’t appear in the mailmap doing lintgitmailmap.

Could you help me ? please


Make sure you save the .mailmap file before running the test, to modify the .mailmap I recommend you to use “nano” you can research more about this by searching the internet.



I re-performed the process with nano

but my credentials still don’t appear when I m. /lingitMailMap


for this reason I could not do my first commit to raise my first challenge.

I don’t know how I should continue