Issues with .mailmap, commit_msg

What happens

When making the commit, Ive 3 errors.

What do you understand or find about that problem

In the Mailmap it doesn’t find me, although I make the commit to be able to add my user.
The commit_msg, how do I do it from the terminal?
I tried to do the check_date with the time +5 hours but it still fails.


I need help with

I need help to solve this

As you can see the format in which you sent the .mailmap is wrong. Please check it.


Thank you very much, I already solved it, but I still have the date error.

The date is fine, and it continues with the rules of +5 hours, but it continues to return the error.
Any ideas?

Generally, you should add 5 hours to the date shown in the git log.

1- You have to commit
2- Then check the exact time of the commit using “git log” in the terminal
3- Change the date. example: “Date: Mon Jul 10 13:27:11 2023 -0400” => “2023-07-10 17:27:11Z”
4- Stage and commit using the terminal “git commit --amend --no-edit”

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The error continues, although the time is already corrected based on the git log solution.

Maybe is because you have -0500 not -0400 so this “2023-07-10 18:17:27” have to be this “2023-07-10 19:17:27”

The error continues.
I don’t really understand how the date should be or how it works.

According to this, your commit should be…

“2023-07-10 17:17:27”

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Well, first you have to set the local time zone in your github profile. Example: for colombia is UTC−05:00
Later check the date in the git log and add 5 hours to the total. Example: 10:00 + 5 = 15:00

I can then use each commit as a reference to calculate the time.

Thank you.

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