Problem in test_user_yaml & test_policy pipelines

What happens

When I commit my solution to a challenge, the file starts to be evaluated by the CI pipelines, I haven’t managed to pass test_user_yaml and test_policy pipelines and don’t know why

What do you understand or find about that problem

I get the error message:
[ERROR] Valid YAML file not found. Touched files in the last commit for the user rokkux are: [‘code/codeabbey/003/rokkux.pony’]

40Seems like your YAML file is non compliant. Please read Submission · Wiki · Autonomic Jump / challenges · GitLab

41Traceback (most recent call last):

42 File “build/modules/test-user-yaml/”, line 215, in

43 main()

44 File “build/modules/test-user-yaml/”, line 181, in main

45 user_yaml_path: str = get_solution_yaml(touched_files, branch_name)

46 File “build/modules/test-user-yaml/”, line 167, in get_solution_yaml

47 raise error

48 File “build/modules/test-user-yaml/”, line 157, in get_solution_yaml

49 solution: str = [x for x in files if re.match(patt, x)][0]

50IndexError: list index out of range

You make any workaround? What did you do?

Nope, I’m not sure how can I workaround this, although I thought that maybe my error was because the solution’s yml file had not passed the pipelines as well, but yesterday this was proved wrong.
My yml passed the pipelines, but the solution’s file still has this YAML error.
I have no workaround for this

(Optional) Why fails your workaround?

I’m not sure.


I need help with

An explanation as for why this happens and how can I avoid this kind of problems

Thanks in advance :wink:

your problem is related with this Only one commit per MR - #10 by roaring-lamport

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Thanks for your answer @uneasy-ruler !
Although there is something I don’t understand.
Since the objective is to be 0|1 when doing MR, does this mean that I have to push
either the .yml or my solution, successfully pass the pipeline and then make a MR?
Because if I push both of the files, that means I would be 0|2 when comparing
my branch with master. :thinking:

You only need create a commit with all your changes (solution, .yml, others…), you are pushing two different commits with your changes, this is forbidden

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